Graphic Design


    First impression always counts. You're special, and your site should be special

    A good start is to imagine the "look & feel" of the product, whether to go for a minimalist 2D language or to use textures and background to create a 3D space?

    Like a good piece of art, a muse or other inspiration resources are necessary prerequisites.


    Create the most beautiful combinations - fonts, colors and other features.

    There are thousands of interfaces and systems around us. Some uniqueness will be reflected in the selected graphic:

    which fonts we shall use, which palette of colors will be dominant in our site? This step requires communication and cooperation between the client and the designer to weave the personal taste of each.


    Last tasks - icons, illustrations and images

    At this fun stage, we add life to our designs and decide whether the use of images, or illustrations, is better? Perhaps a nice infographic?

    Designing icons is a complex process that requires the ability to convey abstract ideas with only minimal effort required from the user.