User Interface


    Helping you find the way

    Within the information highway surrounding us, it is not simple to find what we seek. One of the most important principles in a good interface is the user's sense of control and orientation.

    Always strive to produce the interface leading us where we wanted, without interference and friction along the way. Just like on the road.


    Pencil and Paper

    Mapping, initial prototyping of the system entities, and understanding their interconnections are milestones of the project life cycle. 

    First of all, we want to have a macro vision of our product and then drill down further into the details. 

    The prototype will allow us to visualize the structure and scope of the system.


    Not really , but kind of

    Prototype is one of the most effective ways to test our product.

    The ease of its production and being cross-platform allows people from different fields (systems analysts, developers, designers and clients) to look at the project and give feedback before writing the code.