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I strongly believe in collaboration and teamwork. When you share ideas with others and really listen to them, in a spirit of total respect, outstanding products are created.

The key to success lies in our ability to truly listen to our customer and to make a personal connection with each of them.

Judy is a very talented software designer. She has caught on to our specific programming language “Magicvery quickly and has been able to improve our applications with her designs, so that our sales have boosted tremendously! Judy is very fast and efficient and does her work accurately. We are pleased with her outcomes time & time again! I recommend her with all my heart.

VP Professional Services&Delivery

Peerlyst hired Judy after assessing the scope of work with some of the largest and most reputable design firm in the U.S. We were attracted to work with Judy as we felt that she is down to earth, super dedicated, hand-on, no BS kind of person, and was willing to do anything that was necessary to make the project work. That and a great value for money closed the deal. The execution was well beyond our expectations. Not only Judy contributed well above the scope of work, she demonstrated exceptional talent and skills in both UX and UI, and was there whenever we needed her. She stepped up to the plate whenever we had a hard time making a decision, listened to our needs and mostly cared about the end user. We believe that Judy's work will be a big differentiator for us in the market and will certainly be part of our product's success. 


Founder and CEO at Peerlyst

We started working with Judy before launching of a new product with very tight schedule. She is an expert when it comes to understanding design and transforming insights into a winning product. Her passion towards our project is what kept its integrity. I have enjoyed working with her, will do so again in future and highly recommended her work.

Co-Founder and VP at Tawkon

Judy created the logo and label design of bubbling Loops & mix. She had a surprising creativity, declining to detail, and creates something that just takes the initial idea a few steps forward, beyond expectations.
Thank you Judy!

Cheif Bubble Officer

Great professional job was done in designing the graphic language and the logo. Judy's contribution to the success of our campaign was huge. Despite the fact that the movement had not been recognized by the Jerusalem public until six months before the election.

Chairman of awaking in Jerusalem
In our studio, we work with a great number of designers whom we choose very meticulously. When I first met Judy, I very quickly understood that stands in front of me a very professional designer for whom every detail counts. I had not a single doubt that I could trust her with eyes shut! Working with Judy was both pleasant and efficient. After we received the first sketches, there was almost no need for additional rectifications, it just came out perfect! Judy showed a very high level of committment to the project, far beyond what would have been expected, as if she was complete part of our team, and not just an external designer. We will be very happy to work with her again in the future!
Founder at Manky Motion Design

Work was carried out in a professional, thorough, responsible and careful manner. Judy is very knowledgeable and provides outstanding service. She also demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills and pleasant sustained relationship professionally and socially, both with colleagues from the office and customers.

CEO and Partnership at Design Factory

Judy's poster for Curtain Up Festival  was chosen out of ten works by other designers.
Throughout the process, Judy demonstrated attentiveness, professionalism, attention to detail and ability to stick to schedule.

Director Of Dance section

Judy is amazing! Quick, efficient, extremely professional  and a pleasure to work with.
I strongly recommend her.

Dvora Zaks
Dit Advanced Technologies

Judy is a creative talented, professional graphic designer who takes her work very seriously. She designed a great website for which we received many compliments, and also our logo design, banners,and promotional first-class material.

Director Of EcoBike Cycling Vacations